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O2 Dongle APN settings for giffgaff data SIM

Started by: jimdotnet
On: 14/11/2011 | 08:25
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by: jimdotnet
on: 14/11/2011 | 08:25

Hi all


I have just set up a data sim and added a gigabag to get it up and running


the GG SIM is in an O2 donlgle however when I adda  ew profile with teh normal giffgaff APN settings the dongle still wants to connect using teh following O2 settings



Username = o2bb
Password = password
Phone number = *99#


all seems to be working OK and the connection speed is better than my old vodafone dongle.


My giffgaff accounts shows some data used so the connection is clearly working.


Is there any problem to carry on with the above APN settings?



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by: contractfee
on: 14/11/2011 | 08:27
You have to change them to the giffgaff settings:

user name = giffgaff
password = password
Phone number = your number.
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by: contractfee
on: 14/11/2011 | 08:27
Very interesting that those settings work though!
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by: bigdave2010
on: 14/11/2011 | 08:30

must be a we clitch ther somewere if it works with other setings 

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by: sakent
on: 10/01/2012 | 20:46

Works perfectly - thanks!

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