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O2 Top - up Voucher / Giff Gaff;

Started by: simj
On: 28/01/2012 | 18:03
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by: fanila
on: 28/01/2012 | 18:05
yep o2 voucher will work...u can also buy a giffgaff 1 to b on da safe syd bh yeah o2 will defo work u may have to try a couple of tyms b4 it goes throoo.gud luk
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by: misterjiff
on: 28/01/2012 | 18:06 edited: 28/01/2012 | 18:14
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An O2 voucher will work but may take several attempts before it's accepted and goes through.

My preference is always to ask for a giffgaff voucher although both giffgaff and O2 vouchers will work on giffgaff.

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by: dollfacepunk
on: 28/01/2012 | 18:07

giffgaff works on the o2 network and o2 vouchers are advised other than online topup as alternative method of topup payment

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by: gerradwy
on: 28/01/2012 | 18:09
no worry. 100% works
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by: locksmith
on: 28/01/2012 | 18:12
You will not have any probs.
I have used O2 vouchers for three or four topics now and they have all gone thru first time. Just make sure you don't leave any spaces .... and there are no letters ..... it's all numbers.
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by: locksmith
on: 28/01/2012 | 18:13
Not topics. .... topups ! Grrrrrrr predictive text !!!!
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by: jmistry
on: 28/01/2012 | 18:15
Yes you can use 02 vouchers to top up on giffgaff.
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by: azeem2012
on: 28/01/2012 | 18:19
Yes, O2 vouchers will work with GG.
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by: simj
on: 28/01/2012 | 18:27



You lot are quick off the mark!


Thank You all.


As an O2 top - up seems to take 'a few tries', I'll stick to topping up online after all I think!


Keep it simple, and all that.


Great to know that an O2 voucher can be used in the future.


I can definitely convert the £10 O2 top - up, into a Giff Gaff goodybag yes?


Thanks again.

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by: simj
on: 28/01/2012 | 18:28

PS - Kudos given to all.


Smiley Happy

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