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O2 UK Postpay or Prepay?

Started by: delicolor
On: 05/03/2012 | 21:26
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by: delicolor
on: 05/03/2012 | 21:26

I've just fired up my new GiffGaff SIM in my Galaxy S 2. It asked me if the service was O2 UK Postpay, O2 UK Prepay or Tesco.


I assumed the middle one, wonder if it makes a difference, next time I update my firmware?

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by: usmanozzy786
on: 05/03/2012 | 21:26
Nope mine used to say o2 as well but it changed to gg
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by: garethp
on: 05/03/2012 | 21:26 edited: 05/03/2012 | 21:27

neither - you need to download the giffgaffapn app from the android marketplace:


do this via wifi, and it will set your phone up correctly for internet.

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by: jamesd2010
on: 05/03/2012 | 21:27
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by: adnanasim80
on: 05/03/2012 | 21:27

u can choose O2 prepay. but yr internet will not work coz its going to add the O2 settings. u need GiffGaff settings - Android - Or download the Giffgaff APN from the android market

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by: badgerhud
on: 05/03/2012 | 21:27
Android Settings:

Text "Settings" to 2020

Alternatively, you can download the "giffgaff APN" app from the Android Market

Should neither of the above work, click the link below to enter them manually

Hope this helps Smiley Happy
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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 05/03/2012 | 21:28
i put prepay but dont think it matters
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by: asd7411
on: 05/03/2012 | 21:30
yeah im sure it will update to giffgaff but i dont think it matters which one you pick
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by: delicolor
on: 05/03/2012 | 21:54

Thanks for the answers guys. I got the service message and settings shortly afterwards so I imagine I won't see this setting choice again until next time I factory reset. 

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by: darrenjmh0
on: 05/03/2012 | 21:56

you need pre pay but it actually dosent matter at all Smiley Happy

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