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O2 blackberry 8310 curve can't connect to internet

Started by: kazzadred
On: 13/03/2012 | 17:52
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by: kazzadred
on: 13/03/2012 | 17:52

every time my son tries to connect to the internet it comes up with a message 'unable to connect to the internet, please try again later, if the problem persists please contact your service provider'


we've had a giffgaff sim for just over a month i just bought a £10 goodybag which is unlimited texts and data and 250 mins.  do i need to buy the blackberry add on to enable him to use the internet or not?

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by: ajenno
on: 13/03/2012 | 17:54
no you dont. check your settings see here
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by: mrcool073
on: 13/03/2012 | 17:56

if you follow the instructions in the link below you'll be able to use the Blackberry browser on your without the need to install opera


full guide on how see here:


your mms will NOT work unless you buy the blackberry add-on

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by: jav_786
on: 13/03/2012 | 18:08
follow below for the internet on
your blackberry
first of all use opera mini 6.5
then follows this:
you don't have a zip file manager
program such as winzip or winrar
to do it with,download 7zip,it's
fre and handles all zip files.
Once you unzip it you'll have a
folder with an "alx" and a "cod"
file in it.
Using the add/remove
applications function of BDM,click
"browse" and in the box that
opens navigate to and double
click the Opera "alx"file which
will then be added to the list of
programs to be installed.
Then click "next" then "finish"
and BDM will add Opera to your
Go to options-advanced options-
Tick the box for use APN enabled
and enter the following
Username giffgaff
Password password
Press menu or back and select
the option to save the settings
Opera should now work via 3G
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by: lambat91
on: 13/03/2012 | 18:09

You need to giffgaff ur bb by doing this: - How to giffgaff a Blackberry

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by: dikey87
on: 27/03/2013 | 15:51
i cant download opera mini because i cant get on the internet with my phone as i cant enable the apn settings there is no box to tick like other blackberrys. I cant connect my phone to the computer either even with disc.
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by: akskywalkerx
on: 27/03/2013 | 17:23

Yes, you need to buy the £3 blackberry add-on to enable internet services on your blackberry device 

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