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Official complaint

Started by: zippygeorgebungle
On: 20/06/2011 | 23:59
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by: zippygeorgebungle
on: 21/06/2011 | 00:46
just so you all know this is o2 one the slough address for gg mentioned in gg terms is this but brief glimpsed on o2 states this so there should be a mention where to put your complaint in writhing to and the external organisation. just in case someone asks you all again.
12.5 If you want to
complain please contact
O2 Customer Service
either by telephone or
by writing to Complaint
Review Service, PO Box
116, Leeds, LS11 5DS.
Alternatively, you can
email us atmycare@ Please
include your mobile
number in any
correspondence. If we
do not resolve your
complaint you may
contact the
Ombudsman. You can
find their details at
. However Ombudsman
Communications will
only deal with your
complaint if it remains
unresolved after 8
weeks or a deadlock
situation has been
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by: shortylumber
on: 21/06/2011 | 00:49

why don't you drop one of the educators or even vincent a PM asking for the giffgaff HQ address in beaconsfield?

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by: zippygeorgebungle
on: 21/06/2011 | 00:53
Badboy every paying customers has a right to lodge an official complaint and there should be a full detailed process on it but its not. all i wanted was some help where to find the information mate not to be given the third degree mate on how to make an official complaint. i will send to leeds and slough addresses if its wrong will get sent to correct division.
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by: shortylumber
on: 21/06/2011 | 01:07

The Old Rectory,Windsor End, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire HP9 2JW


30 mins of searching and i think that is the address for giffgaff HQ

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by: andy0
on: 21/06/2011 | 01:11

I'd send it to Beaconsfield


I don't see a point in sending it to O2 in Leeds, as it isn't directly under their control and they'll probably deal with only O2 retail customers there.

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by: u_ghafoor
on: 21/06/2011 | 01:13


bad_boy_asy123 wrote:
why would you want to complain about giffgaff its like a religion , theres no point critisising it otherwise your just looking for trouble , this has to be the stupidest thing ive read today, sorry ggers just had to get that out there Smiley Happy

it's a mobile phone network..

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by: shortylumber
on: 21/06/2011 | 01:16

shortylumber wrote:

The Old Rectory,Windsor End, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire HP9 2JW


30 mins of searching and i think that is the address for giffgaff HQ

in case you havent seen it yet aha

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by: david_m
on: 21/06/2011 | 10:10

zippygeorgebungle wrote:
Could someone please direct me to the full complaints procedure when you wish to make a formal complaint about giffgaff. I have been on the phone to o2 this evening whom kindly put me through to the o2 directors office team whom took my complaint. They mentioned to me giff fgaff should have somewhere an actual complaints procedure but for the life of me I can't find. I found o2s one with no problems. Do you direct your complaint by email or in writing to gg head office or to o2 directors office!

I don't wish to go into the ins and outs over it but would be grateful if you could direct me to where the full complaints procedure is? thank you

Hi zippygeorgebungle,


I tried to reply to you PM late last night about this question but it appears you have turned off the option to recieve PM's. If you would still like me to reply please re-PM me to confirm you have switched your PM's back on.


Many thanks



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by: aaabzx3
on: 21/06/2011 | 10:34
what are you complaining about?
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by: frazerclark
on: 21/06/2011 | 10:39

htccolumbia wrote:

i just wished giffgaff would iron out the bugs, o2 signal has slightly improved here, it would be easily the best virtual network, just seem to always get excuses and biased views that are unhelpful, on other matters i find this site the best for answers better sometimes than yahoo answers, ya can have your view on here about any matter despite some complaints either over language or choice of topic which in my view as ive stated before "this site is adult only" nothing about it is for a child, anyways fingers crossed the people in power can fix the issues soon

O2 has been around for how long?

Giffgaff has been around for how long?


If you had just started up a new company, and a competitor was better, you would need time in order to 'iron out the bugs'


Treat others how you want to be treated yourself applies here a little bit.

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