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Outgoing calls going straight to voicemail

Started by: cja2ke4
On: 02/03/2012 | 15:11
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by: cja2ke4
on: 02/03/2012 | 15:11

When trying to call people from my phone it waits a while in silence and then goes straight to voicemail. I have to try about 3 or 4 times for it to actually ring the other persons phone. I know that they have their phones on and are in signal but i have to keep retrying for it to actually work

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by: cricpk
on: 02/03/2012 | 15:12
check your signal
This link will let you check strength of giffgaff / O2 coverage in your area:

For live information on the signal in your area, updated hourly, visit this link:
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by: david72817281
on: 02/03/2012 | 15:13
check your signal on the 02 signal checker
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by: cja2ke4
on: 02/03/2012 | 15:14
The signal is perfect where i am
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by: cja2ke4
on: 02/03/2012 | 15:16
Yes, it started a few days ago and now it does it quite frequently
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by: longbow
on: 29/07/2014 | 20:47


Im having the same trouble and it began a few days ago. At the moment its only one number that i ring which goes staright to my friends voicemail. The other numbers of family and friends ring without any problem. I asked my friend if his phone rings when he recieves calls from other callers and he says he has no problem.


I have switched off my phone. re activated it, i have taken out the sim and cleaned it, but problem is still there.


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by: akhanom
on: 29/07/2014 | 20:49
It could be your area signal :
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by: tinawilliams425
on: 29/07/2014 | 20:54



Had a similar problems ourselves on a smartphone and we restarted the phone (switched off for approx 2 minutes then back on) - did the trick for us - have you tried a restart?


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by: marioradinovic
on: 05/06/2016 | 14:52

I have exact same problem. Outgoing calls go to voicemail. Now I use WhatsApp and place calls from there, or Viber. 

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