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Overseas text messages not being received

Started by: amani7
On: 14/11/2011 | 00:03
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by: amani7
on: 14/11/2011 | 00:03

Unfortunately i am not receiving my friends overseas text messages, calls are coming through just fine but no sign of any of the text messages whatsoever, what's the deal with that? I would be much obliged if someone could help me rectify this issue. My friend has tried adding +44 to my number as suggested by someone else but that hasn't solved the problem. Plz could someone help me with this issue...

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by: hugobosslives
on: 14/11/2011 | 00:09

can you send them?

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by: herespez
on: 14/11/2011 | 00:09

+44 with or without the 0? try to do it like +447... If they can call you they only have to use the same number for texting you!
There should not be any problem.. I am from Spain and I can receive sms from there without any problem.  


If you need it, because the problem is not solved, contact an agent. 

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by: 5luvyleevz
on: 14/11/2011 | 00:10 edited: 02/01/2014 | 11:08

This must be an error on his side, and he should not just add '+44' he should also remove the first zero eg. '07***' would be '+44***


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by: billys
on: 14/11/2011 | 00:11 edited: 14/11/2011 | 00:19

Can you advise which other network is involved? I take it you are in the UK. What country are they being sent from?


Depending on the country your friend is in depends on the inter mobile operator agreements between giffgaff and the mobile carrier in the foreign country. Because some of the services are working does not mean that all services will or should work. I know in some Middle Eastern countries, Asian countries and Canada some mobile operators agreements will not allow the sending of text for example to O2 UK but they can to Virgin, Vodafone etc. These are the inter mobile operator agreements that are in place and can get very complicated indeed.


I would first of all suggest you remove your SIM card, wipe the gold contacts with a dry cotton cloth and pop the SIM back in the handset. 


If the person abroad is a UK network customer then they should send the text with the mobile number in either +447 or standard 07xx xxxxxx format. if they are a foreign network cutomer then they should use the +447 method.

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by: amani7
on: 14/11/2011 | 00:24

yes i can send texts and call aswell to overseas numbers

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by: billys
on: 14/11/2011 | 00:27

In which country is the other person and are they a UK network customer or a foreign network customer?

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by: amani7
on: 14/11/2011 | 00:27

thank you for your help, i have tried +44 without the 0 and the number my friend calls to is the same as the number my friend has tried texting to aswell, it hasn't worked unfortunately.

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by: amani7
on: 14/11/2011 | 00:30

I'm afraid there is no error from either of us, we're well aware of what number to use for text, the problem seems to be something else entirely though I'm flabbergasted as to what that problem could be.

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by: billys
on: 14/11/2011 | 00:34 edited: 14/11/2011 | 01:04

 In which foreign country is your friend?

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