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PAC Code


I have got my new giffgaff sim working nicely in my phone, and am now trying to port out my old numer to the giff gaff sim from my orange one.  

I have a PAC code from Orange and have attempted to use the online form to arrange for my number to be transferred on Friday.  However I am being told that "Sorry, something went wrong with your transfer request. Please try again later."  I have been trying since Wednesday evening and keep getting the same response.  Thus I have missed my oppertunity to move numbers on Friday. 

This error message is very vague, can someone expand on it for me.  Is there a problem with the form, or my PAC code, or something else.  As if I need a new PAC code then I'll need to know so I can speak to Orange again.




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Re: PAC Code

have you tried a different browser?


a pac code is valid for 30 days

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Re: PAC Code

Use a different browser or delete your browser cache and cookies, further more when inputting your details do not use punctuation, commas or hyphens..

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Re: PAC Code

If you continue to have this problem after trying different browsers then message an agent and provide the PAC code so they can raise the transfer request for you

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Re: PAC Code

Might be that the pac code is not valid and you can ask for another one
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Re: PAC Code

Tis not working for me using Chrome or IE, with and without cookies etc.  So I shall be taking my plea to an agent.  Thanks for the suggestions guys :-)