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Started by: moody46894
On: 15/03/2019 | 18:20
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by: moody46894
on: 15/03/2019 | 18:20

When I request my pac code it says it is “unavailable” can anybody help ? 

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by: smiler121786
on: 15/03/2019 | 18:21


When I request my pac code it says it is “unavailable” can anybody help ? 

Start by clearing your web browser cache, cookies and history or you can try another browser e.g. Internet Explorer , Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc and then try again.
There are two ways to get your PAC code,
2) Dial 43431 and follow the instructions
Once you've requested your PAC it will sent to you along with its expiry date by SMS within minutes. To see your PAC instantly, go to your My giffgaff dashboard here and look under your mobile number.
Finally, to avoid any future charges e.g recurring goodybag and/or auto top up please remove any saved debit/credit card or Paypal details under your payment details page here
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by: natty88
on: 15/03/2019 | 18:23

@moody46894  try this way sorry your leaving

 pac code


or call 43431 option two your Pac code 


this is valid for 30 days from requesting it 


it will show via here


also any credit you have won't move from giffgaff to another network its use or lose it 

it's non refundable sorry 


remember if you used credit cards for payments

 please switch of recurring payments and delete out your card details to make sure that no further money is taken via here  


profile payment details 


If still won't give it please inquire with the agents click on nearest topic to transfers then use the how can we help box and explain the problem your having getting your Pac code to leave giffgaff contact the agents



remember allow from a few hours up to a maximum time of 24hrs for agents replies which will show here when logged into your account 


Remember agents work from 8am until 11pm daily 

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by: hezp
on: 15/03/2019 | 19:35
This information will help.
There are two ways to get your PAC code, you can simply dial 43431 and follow the Instructions to get your PAC code or you can request it online here

Once you request the PAC code giffgaff will send the PAC code to you by text message within 10 minutes. You can also see the PAC code instantly on you’re my giffgaff page next your mobile number. To access your giffgaff page please follow this link
Please note the PAC code expires after 30 days if unused and your giffgaff account is not affected).
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