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Started by: grum78
On: 17/07/2012 | 17:37
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by: grum78
on: 17/07/2012 | 17:37

Hi there seem to have been a wally and entered my pin code in wrong, how do i find out what my PUK code is and where. This is doing my head in. Please please help im lost without access to my phone.

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by: badgerhud
on: 17/07/2012 | 17:38 edited: 17/07/2012 | 17:40

See here... 

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by: grum78
on: 17/07/2012 | 17:42

Thanks guys if i wasnt on a silly phone for browsing the web i would have found the link, many thanks to you all.

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by: frazerclark
on: 17/07/2012 | 17:43
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