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Payback points for new recruit when???

Started by: macc2010
On: 23/12/2010 | 03:06
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by: macc2010
on: 23/12/2010 | 03:06

I sent a Sim o a member of my family and they have topped it up and its showing as a new recruit on my account online but the 500 points are not showing and my new recruit have got there £5 free credit so wanted to know when my 500 points will show on my account?

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by: gmc007
on: 23/12/2010 | 03:21
Im sure i read the 1st of the month
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by: jamesey162
on: 23/12/2010 | 03:23 edited: 23/12/2010 | 03:24

Paypack points are only updated once a month and are totalled up on the last day of that month.
It will usually be displayed by the 5th of the Month.

So you should see that nice 500 payback points in your account January 5th and an extra £5 in about 3 days to your balance because of the current promotion of introducing a friend gets you £5 and 500 paypoints Smiley Happy

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by: macc2010
on: 23/12/2010 | 03:53

Brill a extra £5 Credit for me didnt know that bit.


Many thanks Guys.

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by: wilky
on: 23/12/2010 | 07:50
Payback points don't show instantly, you have to wait til around the 5th of each ninth when you get your payback statement... it Will show, but in January...
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