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Payback points.

Started by: stefangrainger
On: 07/09/2012 | 16:47
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by: endorphin
on: 07/09/2012 | 16:57
Also check under Spread Giffgaff, someone may have ordered a SIM from your affialiate link earning you £5.
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by: rwleigh
on: 07/09/2012 | 17:01

You gain points for just being part of the community and helping out where you can.

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by: stefangrainger
on: 07/09/2012 | 17:03
I've checked 'spread GG' and have zilch rewards.

So I can only claim this as credit in Dec correct?
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by: kestrelv2
on: 07/09/2012 | 17:04
You earned it by posting in the forum, helping users ect.
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by: qasman
on: 07/09/2012 | 17:05
The fastest way to earn a lot of payback is by recruiting. But u can get some via posting in the forums Smiley Happy.
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by: presty101
on: 07/09/2012 | 17:06
If you go to the full site and view your payback it the little box there should be a payback breack down link click that and it will explain how you have earned that money
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by: alecb
on: 07/09/2012 | 17:09

You get payback just for reading posts on here Smiley Happy I've had a few SIM activations the past couple of months and hit band 1 a couple of times so I'm going to be getting a very generous December bonus. 


Giffgaff is great Smiley Very Happy 

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by: edgy360
on: 07/09/2012 | 17:10

You can find out where payback points have originated from here:

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by: macdoodle
on: 07/09/2012 | 17:19
Well done for that. Just keep on doing what your doing and see what you get next month.
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