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Started by: compo67
On: 25/11/2013 | 18:33
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by: lnb1996
on: 25/11/2013 | 18:34 edited: 25/11/2013 | 18:35

Hi Compo, if you are looking for some help from the community, we will need a bit more to go on, please?

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by: dalan
on: 25/11/2013 | 18:35
What about it
Payback is updated on or around the 5th of each month, and is payed out twice a year, December and June, either as credit, or as cash, onto your paypal account.

To choose how you would like your payback payed, see link below.
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by: mnivs
on: 25/11/2013 | 18:35
Could you please give more information about your problem!
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by: computekbrain
on: 25/11/2013 | 18:35
What about Payback?

You can find more about payback here:

Hope this helps Smiley Happy
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by: bash249
on: 25/11/2013 | 18:35
Yes comming soon. This month november is the last time the points then in.december the cash should be given
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by: carolinel
on: 25/11/2013 | 18:36
payback is paid next month
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by: pirateglenn
on: 25/11/2013 | 18:38
Hi Compo,

Payback dates are scheduled for Dec 5th for processing and payments to be made from Monday 9th December.
For all other useful payback queries such as how you can get this paid, how to change method of payback and how to earn payback points - see the links below.


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by: zaid19zizou
on: 25/11/2013 | 18:46

5th december 2013 

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by: community_leader
on: 25/11/2013 | 18:53



  • Payback is giffgaff's way of saying thank you for using their service. It is earned through posting on the forums and recruiting new members.
  • It is paid out every 6 months (usually in June and December) and can be paid to your credit balance, PayPal account or donated to charity.
  • You are required to have used your phone (ie make a call/send a text/use data) within 3 months of the payback date to be eligible.
  • You usually have 2-3 weeks to make a decision on how you'd like your payback prior to the payout date. If you miss the chance to make a decision, your points rollover to the next payout date. If you miss the chance twice, your points are lost.



  • You must choose how you'd like your payback between 21st November and midnight 11th December.
  • If you miss the chance to choose your payback - it will no longer default to credit unless you have less than 1,000 points to claim.
  • The first payout is made on 8th December to people who chose credit payback prior to 6th December. The second payout is on 13th December which is for all other payouts (credit chosen after 6th December, PayPal and charity donations).
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