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Started by: archierhodes
On: 13/01/2015 | 19:46
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by: archierhodes
on: 13/01/2015 | 19:46
hiw can you earn payback points everyone who's comment is help will be rewarded with a kudo
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by: no51get
on: 13/01/2015 | 19:47

The following links will tell you all about giffgaffs wonderful and unique Payback scheme and how it works.

The free £5 will show on your "Usage Statement" at the end of the month then paid back in June or December with any other payback earned.

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by: miaoxian1
on: 13/01/2015 | 19:47
Hi sim referrals is best way
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by: angerainbow
on: 13/01/2015 | 19:47
Helping people on here. And giving out sims
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by: choon
on: 13/01/2015 | 19:48
Have a look at this guide to payback:
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by: richybhoy36
on: 13/01/2015 | 19:48
Hi there I'm afraid that only giffgaff HQ have the secret to earning payback ! Or it would be a free for all with everyone gettin the max every time lol All the best 😊 Richy .
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by: marknoir
on: 13/01/2015 | 19:50
Easiest ways are to get people to activate a sim that you've sent them, also by just helping out on the forum. So me helping you now is hopefully going to go towards me getting some payback at the end of the month. It's a great system Smiley Happy
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by: nerakb
on: 13/01/2015 | 19:50

Have a read of this


And this

And an update on Approved Helpers

Please remember to mark a post "Best Answer" which appropriately answers your question/query.Please remember to also award kudos to posts you've found helpful/useful.

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by: farnis
on: 13/01/2015 | 19:52

Come on here and help out in the community. Remember quality, not quantity earns you payback. Also referals from sim cards help to push up your payback.

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by: gwpreston
on: 13/01/2015 | 19:54
Get a Best answer when helping a query
Recruiting new members with sim cards
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