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Started by: smart_swag55
On: 09/07/2019 | 18:19
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by: smart_swag55
on: 09/07/2019 | 18:19

I didnot get my sim is active too .

Can you help me out?

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by: natty88
on: 09/07/2019 | 18:21

@smart_swag55  does any payback show here 


payback choices 


As it got updated earlier today 

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by: mangowalk
on: 09/07/2019 | 18:21
Did you refer a friend or family member? If so
Your friend will receive their free credit shortly after activating their SIM.
If you’ve made a referral check outcome here
NOTE! Any bonus credit is usually applied within 72 hrs
For example if your friend activates a SIM today you'll get your payback points in the first few days of the next month (around the 5th) . It will then remain in your giff gaff account until the first of 2 payback payout dates
The first in early June the second in December
NOTE: You will need a minimum of 1000 points (i.e £10 equivalent to make a claim).
There are 3 options for claiming payback
1. Cash back: for which you will need a paypal account,
2. Or you can choose to use it to buy a goodybag or airtime credit
3. The third option is to give your payback to a charity of your choice.
For full guide to payback method
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by: chaaaan
on: 09/07/2019 | 18:43
Hi @smart_swag55
Did you referred someone to giffgaff? Check your Payback here
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by: richybhoy36
on: 09/07/2019 | 19:21
Hi keep checking as i got my payback a little earlier !.
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by: smart_swag55
on: 10/07/2019 | 19:32
A message prompts up there

You need to active your sim or you must be logged in.
While i am already logged in
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by: smithster225225
on: 10/07/2019 | 20:33


A message prompts up there

You need to active your sim or you must be logged in.
While i am already logged in



Have you actually used your sim within the last 6 months?


You need to have made a call, send a text or use some data to keep it active.



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by: smart_swag55
on: 11/07/2019 | 01:20
I did not reffer,but i am been reffered to giffgaff
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by: jaymailsays
on: 11/07/2019 | 02:16

@smart_swag55 Do you mean they gave you a sim to activate or you entered their mobile number?

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by: random112
on: 11/07/2019 | 04:07




I see you have only been with giffgaff a few weeks. 

What payback exactly do you think you were due?

And did you choose a payout option, and if so what option did you choose? 


If you need further help please answer those questions and confirm you have a working giffgaff sim that you are using, EG you have actually called and text people using your giffgaff sim card. 

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