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Started by: pikachu212
On: 11/02/2019 | 19:15
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by: pikachu212
on: 11/02/2019 | 19:15 edited: 11/02/2019 | 19:56

Will giff gaff delete my personal details when done?

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by: harrrrrry
on: 11/02/2019 | 22:58 edited: 11/02/2019 | 23:06



Under government rules, giffgaff will have to keep the destinations of each of your outgoing calls, texts and sites visited for one year after they were made. It will not keep them any longer and does not keep any information about incoming calls or texts, or the contents of outgoing texts.


Apart from that, you might like to see which sets out what happens in full detail, and especially section 5 which sets out your rights to have certain information amended or deleted.


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by: spacefrog
on: 11/02/2019 | 23:34


If you are leaving giffgaff then its always a good idea to delete your payment details from your account,My payments then you will be sure that no further payments can be taken, as for other personal details such as your name ans address then these stay in your account incase you want to re join, as long as you keep the password safe then nobody can access these details.

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