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Phone NOT working ???

Started by: mogall
On: 28/03/2018 | 13:44
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by: mogall
on: 28/03/2018 | 13:44

Phone has 14 days left unlimited call and texts and plenty of data but cannot make calls and no 3g ? Phone not working ??

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by: smithster225225
on: 28/03/2018 | 13:46

Try restarting your phone

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by: he22ie
on: 28/03/2018 | 14:00

A reboot often solves things as it asks the phone to sign in again and then you can check the network by going to settings /mobile networks and seeing that it finds giffgaff 4g. Sometimes phones get overyasked and a restart dies the world of good. If you are getting signal bars and your account is good this should solve it. Otherwise you need to get an agent to look into your issue 

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by: sloz
on: 28/03/2018 | 17:46
Hi, are you also unable to receive calls and texts?

Can you see your remaining minutes when you dial *100*7# ?

Can you call 443?
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