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Phone call recordings

Hi all,


I have a civil court case that may need phone records.


Is there any way to access phone call recordings made on the giffgaff/02 network? If so, how do I go about accessing these?

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Re: Phone call recordings

Not unless you are a 'prominent news organisation'.

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Re: Phone call recordings

Do you mean records of which number called, or recordings of the calls themselves.

The number dialed might be on a call log on your phone. I don't think you will get access to call recordings, if indeed there are any.

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Re: Phone call recordings

They won't record calls anyway, so unless you've recorded them yourself no.

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Re: Phone call recordings

Call recordings have to be approved by the Home Secretary..

However the Police can formally ask GiffGaff for details of the Time, Duration, Location, Mobile Number & Phone Type (by Serial Number) of any call made on the GiffGaff network.

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Re: Phone call recordings

I'll just add to the above comments: As far as I am aware, unless their was either a warant to record the call, or both parties have agreed to the call recording, I don't think it is admissible in a court of law (assuming you mean an actual audio recording of the call). I think it would be illegal for GG to record every single call, and I also believe it is illegal for an individual or organisation to record calls without consent (notice the messages at the beginning of calls to banks etc. telling you the call may be recorded?)


If you just mean records of calls made or received etc. I would suggest asking an agent. They should be able to provide you with that information.