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Phone keeps sending texts

Started by: xxpiripirixx
On: 20/04/2012 | 14:03
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by: xxpiripirixx
on: 20/04/2012 | 14:03



I sent a text to my friend a while ago but she keeps recieving it over and over again.  We've both tried turning off our phones and removing the sim cards but they won't stop arriving.  I can't see anything on my phone that would tell me its sending them.  Any way to stop this?  


Thanks in advance! 

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by: giffgafful
on: 20/04/2012 | 14:04

In addition to what you have done, you could also try clearing any messages in the outbox.

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by: charlesn
on: 20/04/2012 | 14:05

Loos like the sysyen has got stuck.


Ask an agent to deal with it.


The link is on your My Giffgaff page ... Ensure you are not being charged for them all also.



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by: guymcdade
on: 20/04/2012 | 14:05
it happens wen you have a weak signal so the fone keeps trying to send ur msg
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by: rangie
on: 20/04/2012 | 14:07
Never heard of this before. Suspect only Agents or Tech Team will be able to resolve.
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by: xxpiripirixx
on: 20/04/2012 | 14:08

thanks for the advice, I'll go and ask an agent Smiley Happy 


I don't think iphones really have an outbox...they just have those message thread type things. 

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