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Phone not recieving text messages

Started by: catherineaadams
On: 15/02/2019 | 22:35
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by: catherineaadams
on: 16/02/2019 | 11:09

Thank you!! Will give that a go and see if it resolves the problem.  Will let you know.

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by: sloz
on: 16/02/2019 | 11:12
Hi ,use the imessage online deregister form here
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by: catherineaadams
on: 17/02/2019 | 15:29

Thank you so much everyone!! I have deregistered my number on Apple website to stop getting (or not as the case may be) iMessages.  Who knew!! They don't make it easy.


Thank you so much again!! 


Enjoy the rest of your weekend 😊

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