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Phone unable to make calls

Started by: monkhams
On: 26/02/2018 | 14:33
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by: monkhams
on: 26/02/2018 | 14:33

I can search web but unable to make calls

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by: sleeco
on: 26/02/2018 | 15:42
Hi, if your GG settings are correct try a soft reset on your phone, make sure data is turned on,
or you can use these settings

Username: "giffgaff"
APN: ""
password: [Leave blank]
Proxy: [Leave blank]

MMS settings:
APN - Access Point Name:

Username: giffgaff

Password: [ leave blank ]



MMS proxy:

MMS port: 8080

MCC: 234

MNC: 10

APN type: mms
Regards Brian.

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