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Started by: taberner1981
On: 13/12/2013 | 11:25
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by: taberner1981
on: 13/12/2013 | 11:25
My iPhone 4S won't allow me to send picture msgs can any help me resolve this please
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by: isabel1066
on: 13/12/2013 | 11:26
have you credit as these cost 16p
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by: star1000
on: 13/12/2013 | 11:26

Here are the manual settings to input if the 2020 text doesn't work You'll need to go to Settings General

Mobile data (or celular or celular data or network) Mobile(or celular) data network (scroll down if not visible)


It Should be like this, if not change it.




Cellular Data


Username: vertigo

Password: password




Visual Voicemail

GiffGaff don't currently support this, so leave it blank






Username: vertigo

Password: password


MMS proxy:

MMS Max Message Size: 2097152

MMS UA Prof URL: leave this blank


Please be aware that MMS cost 16p and are NOT included in ANY goodybags

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by: w69d
on: 13/12/2013 | 11:34 edited: 13/12/2013 | 11:35

Hi, Have you added or got a correct set of MMS setting's as well as your Internet ones 


These are the latest ones and have a slightly Different proxy and IP address which if you are getting problems sending picture message's with the older set then these can work for you 


please can you first reset the network settings by going into 


Settings ~ General ~ Reset ~ Reset Network Settings, ( once pressed the iPhone should reboot by itself )


Depending on your iPhone iOS version and international language ""British English"" Or ""English""   


iOS 7 

Settings~Mobile~Mobile Data Network

Settings~Cellular~Cellūlar Data Network


iOS 6

Settings~General~Mobile Data~Mobile Data Network

Settings~General~Cellūlar Data~Cellular Data Network


iOS 5

Settings~General~Network~Mobile Data~Mobile Data Network

Settings~General~Network~Cellular Data~Cellular Data Network



Mobile data



•Usernamē =vertigo

•Password =password


MMS Settings



•Usernamë =vertigo

•Password =password


•mms Proxy =

•mms Max Message Size = 2097152

•mmś ua Prof URL (just leave blank)

 Photo 2.jpg

Once checked /added you will need to press the Home Button and reboot your iPhone 


MMS will NOT work unless 3G is ON


Lastly check that the MMS button in the Settings. (Settings~Messages) Make sure MMS Messaging is set to ON.


And remember that MMS / Picture Messages cost 16p (24p for none uk networks )and are not included in any Goodybag ( Mobile Data must be on to receive MMS messages)

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by: taberner1981
on: 15/12/2013 | 14:58
This hasn't worked I'm affraid!
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by: w69d
on: 15/12/2013 | 15:03
Hi,did you reset the network settings ??
Did the iPhone actually reboot by itself or did you reboot the iPhone

(You do have airtime credit also ?? )
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by: taberner1981
on: 15/12/2013 | 15:11
Yes to both of those,I don't understand why I can't send them
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