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Please stop emailing me giffgaff

Started by: rocknroll
On: 29/11/2012 | 22:18
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by: geohot
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:30
Wow! I would contact an educator immediately, in the meantime I'd recommend adding a rule to your inbox to put all emails from in a separate folder so you can continue using your inbox as normal Smiley Happy
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by: andoake
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:30
Go and contact an agent and change both your email and giffgaff passwords
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by: gerradwy
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:31
contact agent
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by: littlebigjackjackxd
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:44
I think you should block giffgaff's email address for a few days as giffgaff is having problems at the moment. (not sure if it affected your email though)
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