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Poor Connection on my Samsung Galaxy S4

Started by: samsahota96
On: 18/11/2013 | 19:45
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by: samsahota96
on: 18/11/2013 | 19:45

Hello fellow Giffgaff users, i have had my S4 for a few months, and so far so good, giffgaff have great deals which is why i am with them, but the connection isn't amazing. I'm always losing connection/my internet connection is always going off every 5 or 10 minuets and i've checked my area connection, its good connection but my internet is always going off, and when it works, its very slow.

Any suggestions how i can fix this?

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by: isabel1066
on: 18/11/2013 | 19:49
go near the window or upstairs i what i do but if the data signal not good not much you can do to improve it and welcome to gg.
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by: samsahota96
on: 18/11/2013 | 19:51

even when im upstairs (my bedrooms a loft conversion) my connection is still terrible, i either get 'G' or 'E'

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by: zaid19zizou
on: 18/11/2013 | 19:51

try installing the settings again  text SETTINGS to 2020  or download the my giffgaff app from app store.


please give kudos if ive helped =) thank you

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by: isabel1066
on: 18/11/2013 | 19:53
g or e is total useless for data signal you need 3g or hsdpa for it to be any good on smartphone
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by: ayesha85
on: 18/11/2013 | 19:56
Contact the agent
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by: avid_fan
on: 18/11/2013 | 19:59
Hello samsahota

G or E indicates a 2g connection, which is not good at all

Press Settings on your s4
Press the Connections tab
Press More networks
Press Mobile networks
Press Network mode

Now select network mode GSM only
Wait a minute then set it to GSM/WCDMA auto connect

Once you have a 3g connection, you will see H or 3g

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