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Problems with PAC code

Started by: sculler
On: 02/04/2012 | 22:05
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by: sculler
on: 02/04/2012 | 22:05

Vodafone have given me what their claim is my current PAC code - it's an 8 digit number beginning with 9. However, when I try to enter this on the site, I get an error message "Please enter a valid Port Authorisation Code (AAA111111)". Who's right here - have Vodafone given me the wrong code?

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by: mfish
on: 02/04/2012 | 22:06
Yes it should be 3 letters and 6 numbers
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by: sydbrazil1
on: 02/04/2012 | 22:07
It should be 9 long - 3 letters & 6 numbers.
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by: zippygeorgebungle
on: 02/04/2012 | 22:09
vodafone pay and go should look like VPT12345. I think they have given you a puk code not a pac. Ask for a posting authorisation code
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by: leslie7795
on: 02/04/2012 | 22:09

your best with new num takes a while to port

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by: s3uxb
on: 02/04/2012 | 22:10

You need to go back to Vodafone and get the correct PAC code.


They should TEXT it to your phone.

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by: s3uxb
on: 02/04/2012 | 22:11

Porting Authorisation Code not "Posting"

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by: almashhud
on: 02/04/2012 | 22:11
probably so call them up again and tell them to give ou a new one!
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by: nerakb
on: 02/04/2012 | 22:21

Welcome to giffgaff.

An 8 digit code is a PUK I believe.You'll need to go back to vodafone and ask for the PAC which is 9 digits.

Hope this helps.

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by: ljk876
on: 02/04/2012 | 22:44
contact them agen and tel dem they gave the wrng code
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