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Removing adult content

Started by: cipriancostin
On: 30/05/2015 | 19:55
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by: cipriancostin
on: 30/05/2015 | 19:55
Hello...I want to remove the adult content...but I only have Romanian id and driving licence..and a basic account with Santander
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by: mathew40
on: 30/05/2015 | 19:57
Hi there @cipriancostin
Please firstly check out this fantastic guide here

To remove the adult bar,you MUST provide either a Full or Provisional driving licence or passport.
giffgaff now accept ALL machine readable passports and licences,and if you do NOT have any of the above documents required,the adult bar can NOT be removed due to these requirements.

You can take a look and change your "settings" here

If your having problems removing the bar,or filling out the forms provided,a giffgaff agent CAN assist in helping you to achieve this,but can NOT remove the adult bar for you.

If you would like the help of a giffgaff agent,click onto this link
A response may take up to 24 hrs during busy periods,but is usually much quicker in most cases.
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by: jumbo4
on: 30/05/2015 | 20:10

Please see here for adult content removal :


there should be some  changes on the way but in the meantime it is sit and suffer

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by: manocas
on: 30/05/2015 | 20:12
I don't see why where the passport was issued would be an issue in this case.
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by: bruno0059
on: 30/05/2015 | 20:12
If you look on your ID on the bottom you do have MRZ so you can try to use it but it is really unlikely thjt it will work. In your case I would go for provisional driving licence as it is also accepted and it is not that hard to get one.
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by: sonia_93
on: 30/05/2015 | 20:13
A provisional licence can be used too
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by: sydneysingh
on: 30/05/2015 | 20:41
Provisional Driving licence or passport is required.
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by: usmaan90
on: 30/05/2015 | 20:42
Sorry there is no other way
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by: tracyhatton
on: 30/05/2015 | 20:44
Just use a VPN app.
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by: gg_73
on: 30/05/2015 | 22:15

see this  guide here

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