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Replacement sim not working after 2 weeks

Started by: teacherlady26
On: 28/11/2011 | 22:47
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by: teacherlady26
on: 28/11/2011 | 22:47
Lost my phone 3 weeks new sim with old number on.But it does not work..... After 2 weeks of being passed on to the technical team but no resolution to problem I am at my wits end. I think my old number has not been unblocked but I want to keep old number. What can I do ...GIFF gaff agents just say case referred to technical team. I know it's not a phone problem as my sons giffgaff sim works in my new phone. any suggestions or should I just ditch GIFF gaff?
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by: zippygeorgebungle
on: 28/11/2011 | 22:50
try this demand your pac and a full refund. Port your number back out and bring it back in. It would take a few days and likley resolve the issue. Two weeks is a joke. Maybe doing it yourself would be better
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by: locksmith
on: 28/11/2011 | 22:51
Have you actually reactivated the replacement sim? This should lift the security bar but not always. Make sure you are asking the agent to remove the bar. Explain it's a replacement sim.
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by: solid247
on: 28/11/2011 | 22:51
Shock horror !!!! Leave gg r u mad cant u remember how bad o2 ntmobs custimer care is Smiley Happy give them time ul get sorted mean while give em a nudge by contacting a online educator
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by: donnie
on: 28/11/2011 | 22:51

I'm afraid you will just have to wait for the techs to get on with it but I would hustle them to get a move on, dont leave though its worth it in the end.Smiley Happy

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by: zippygeorgebungle
on: 28/11/2011 | 22:53
what the customer has been waiting two weeks now and nothing resolved. At least by switching it out to switch back in might resolve the issue than wait another two weeks for no reply
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by: danipun
on: 28/11/2011 | 22:59

dont loose hope mate,#i also had my sim not working for 1 week 

finally today it is unbarred and working fine.

the agent should help you though it will take a long time.

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by: teacherlady26
on: 05/12/2011 | 19:33

3 and a half weeks with number blocked dont think that is rubbish???

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