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Reset password request.

Started by: shatterproof
On: 09/11/2012 | 16:56
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by: shatterproof
on: 09/11/2012 | 16:56 edited: 29/05/2017 | 15:20

Hi all, i have just received an email from giffgaff asking me to reset my password.


I dont belive it is from giffgaff as they have addressed me with a user name that is not mine.


Anybody else had this?


Here is the email:


Hi specky,

This is a lot less painful than locking yourself out of your house. Simply click the link below and you'll be whisked to a magic page where you can reset your password.


This will reset the password for the member name: specky

The giffgaff team

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by: hcovell
on: 09/11/2012 | 16:57
hiya - it sounds like someone has requested a new password (cos they've forgotten theirs) however you have accidnetally received the email instead
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by: s2b1
on: 09/11/2012 | 16:57

Looks like the Giffgaff gremlins are out again.

Not had it myself yet!

Hope this helps. If it does then please mark it as the solution, if it has just helped then click on my Kudos star on the left. Thanks.
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by: sam1128
on: 09/11/2012 | 16:58
Must be glitch mate ha happened in past ...

I would say just ignore it!
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by: sophie77955
on: 09/11/2012 | 16:58


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by: falsetruth
on: 09/11/2012 | 16:59
Anyone can go online ask to reset your password you can even do same for me. Dont worry nothing amiss here.
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by: shatterproof
on: 09/11/2012 | 17:03

It still seems a bit strange as the word "specky" is part of a username i use to log in to another online account?

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by: endorphin
on: 09/11/2012 | 17:04
Might be safest to ask an agent for help here
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by: cannock1971
on: 25/05/2017 | 11:13




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by: cannock1971
on: 25/05/2017 | 15:00

juelc  >**phone_number_removed**

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