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SIM Activation Problems.

Started by: demin3m
On: 29/11/2012 | 22:34
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by: midgedog
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:36
Yes, sorry, lots of people in the same boat at the moment. Giffgaff are having issues but are now on it, and fixes are being applied apparently, so you shouldn't have too wait long...hopefully!
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by: abdulmusavir
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:37
the networks abit slow but dont worry it'll soon be up and running or contact an agent they'll get back to you
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by: gerradwy
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:40
usually within a min, but can last 24hr
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by: dave005
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:41
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by: adamj82
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:43
Now upto 48 hours!!!!!!
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by: rach1994
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:44

Activations usually take up to 24  hours but GiffGaff have been having a few problems today with goodybags, top ups and activations so it may take a little longer.

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by: honeybunny19
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:45
it can take up to 24 hours for sim to be fully active...just be patient as giffgaff are having will be resolved soon and then enjoy
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by: mufc2011
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:47

You will need to give the systems around 30mins (but in rare events it can take up to 24 hours)



If your SIM hasn't started working 24 hours after topping up, then it may mean something has gone wrong in the process, see below on how to contact the agents - so they can investigate the matter for you. - Complete guide to activation - Ask an agent.
http:// - Agent replies

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by: heidisandy
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:52

I am also having the same problem 

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