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SIM Network Unlock PIN

Started by: matt_atkins
On: 19/02/2011 | 15:02
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by: matt_atkins
on: 19/02/2011 | 15:02

Hi, I'm on Orange, and just switched to GiffGaff, but my phone (Sony Ericsson Xperia X10), is asking for the SIM Network Unlock PIN. 

Does anyone know this? Or would I have to refer back to Orange to get this??



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by: aks782
on: 19/02/2011 | 15:03
Looks like your phone is "locked" to a specific network, so you need to get it unlocked before you can use it on giffgaff or any other networks besides the one your brought it off.

Unlock codes can easily be brought off of ebay, or alternatively check this site: – these tend to be cheaper options than using 3rd party high street retailers or even worse going to the network directly.

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by: azzy223
on: 19/02/2011 | 15:03

Was the phone locked to orange?


If so you need to unlock the phone! 

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by: jonmc95
on: 19/02/2011 | 15:04
Your phone is locked to Orange, call up Orange and ask for an unlock code. It may cost you, it may not, if it does take it to an unlock shop and get it unlocked for 10 pound and then you can use giffgaff. Smiley Happy
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by: thewire
on: 19/02/2011 | 15:05

Sounds like the phone is locked to Orange.


You can go to Orange for a code, but they will charge you I think.


Or you can look for an unlocking code on the net, or try a local unlocking shop.

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by: sauron
on: 19/02/2011 | 15:18
Your phone is locked to Orange, call Orange and ask them for an unlock code.
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