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SIM card not valid

Started by: akinyildiz
On: 22/05/2012 | 22:16
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by: akinyildiz
on: 22/05/2012 | 22:16

I have  changed from orange pay as you go to giff gaff I have transferred my old number successfully but when I put in my new sim card the message is SIM card not valid I cannot use the phone at the moment I have bought a £10 goody bag


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by: mtahir7
on: 22/05/2012 | 22:16
Is the phone unlocked? It needs to be unlocked
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by: dskerratt
on: 22/05/2012 | 22:17

You phone is probably lock to Orange, you need to get it unlocked to use giffgaff.


Most networks lock ALL pay and go phones to prevent you moving, causing them a loss of money where the phone is subsidised

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by: bb88
on: 22/05/2012 | 22:17

make sure your mobile phone is unlocked, or your sim could have a fault with it

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by: ancutza22
on: 22/05/2012 | 22:17

the phone is not unlocked, try it in another phone

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by: badgerhud
on: 22/05/2012 | 22:17
It sounds like it needs unlocking, take it to a local phone shop, they will do it for a small fee Smiley Happy
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by: hotsteel
on: 22/05/2012 | 22:19
Did the phone come from orange, in that case only an orange sim will work till get phone unlocked
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by: sam1128
on: 22/05/2012 | 22:24
Well phone is locked to orange becaus it says invalid sim .

Invalid sim = phone locked

No service = sim not active

Sim not provisioned = bars on account .
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