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SIM swap successful but no network service

Started by: cj_9
On: 30/08/2013 | 09:01
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by: cj_9
on: 30/08/2013 | 11:03

Got my IMEI Number, but it into a website and it said Very Likely, from reading online I think this means it's okay and not blocked, I checked with my old phone's IMEI and got a similar result (and I know it's not stolen since I got that as new and have used it for 2 and a half years)

I think it might be a settings issue, Sim is fine and after that check I think the IMEI okay

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by: cj_9
on: 30/08/2013 | 16:13

Took it back to where it came from and the IMEI or something said the person who sold it to them had been naughty... 


Got the same modle replacement and it all works straight out the box, works beautifully!

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by: mykiel78
on: 30/08/2013 | 16:26
Good to hear! Thanks for updating us
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