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Samsung CHAT GT-S3350. Cant open picture messages?

Started by: tonyneast
On: 29/04/2011 | 14:28
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by: tonyneast
on: 29/04/2011 | 14:28

hi there,

ive searched and read the information given to giffgaff members on samsung phones, but nothing fits the description of my problem and how to fix it. my problem being is that i cant open/view photos sent to me.

i have a giffgaff card in my phone which is registered and working. i can send/receive text messages and calls.

when i put the giffgaff card into my new O2 phone, the settings downloaded automatically. when i found the problem that i couldnt open/view photos, i sent text message to 2020. i installed the WAP and MMS settings as sent.

the message on my phone is 'unable to retrieve' when i get a picture message.

i can receive and open photos via my bluetooth. my phone profile is giffgaff mms.

i used to have a samsung genio with the same giffgaff card and did not get this problem.

any ideas?


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by: mojohaza1
on: 29/04/2011 | 14:50
is your internet working ok? mms connects to the internet to download the messages. check your coverage here
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by: tonyneast
on: 29/04/2011 | 15:40

hi there.

no, i cant access the internet. i get 'unavailable'.

will try you link ta

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by: tonyneast
on: 29/04/2011 | 15:44

hi again,

ive tried link to O2 and ive got 'normal coverage' from live results. ta

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by: tonyneast
on: 07/05/2011 | 14:44
thanks. able to retrieve picture messages and access internet now.
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