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Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 3G setup help required!

Started by: usmaan09
On: 25/09/2011 | 19:36
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by: usmaan09
on: 25/09/2011 | 19:36

So i bought a new samsung galaxy ace yesterday and ever since have been trying to figure out how to connect to the Internet using 3G. I manually inputted the settings i got off of this website and it kept asking me for the APN type when i tried saving. I downloaded the giffgaff apn app from the android market and when trying to use the internet it kept coming up with the message "The server failed to communicate. Try again later." . I then tried following the instructions for android on the giffgaff website, but still came up with the same problems for the apn type. Can someone please help me as i am now stuck on what to do. I would really like to have solved this in the next couple of hours as the bus journey to college tomorrow would be a lot more fun with the use of 3G on my brand new handset. Thanks Smiley Happy

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by: azrah1969
on: 25/09/2011 | 19:37
some phones just require restarting before the settings will start working. try turning your phone on and off and see what happens

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by: stephenmiller
on: 25/09/2011 | 19:38

D you have data enabled in settings / wireless and communications?

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by: alweb
on: 25/09/2011 | 19:38

use your wifi and download giffgaff apn from the android market then install the settings that way

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by: allwyn
on: 25/09/2011 | 19:39

Strange, have you tried texting "settings" to 2020, it did the job for me.

But i also downloaded the Giffgaff APN from the Android market just to make sure.

At the side of the handset, there should be a power button, hold it for about 2 seconds and a screen should come up with the following options:

Silent Mode

Data netowork mode

Airplane mode

Power Off


Ensure that the Data network mode is activated. Brilliant handset btw. Smiley Wink

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by: bertiebat
on: 25/09/2011 | 19:46

Have you run the giffgaffAPN using option 2?


Is it just the internet that isn't working i.e can you make/receive calls?

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by: usmaan09
on: 25/09/2011 | 19:52
i always restarted my phone, but still same message
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by: usmaan09
on: 25/09/2011 | 19:53
use packet data is enabled i dont know what data roaming is about do you mean that?
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by: allwyn
on: 25/09/2011 | 19:56

Don't select Packetdata.

Check this guide, it will probably help:

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by: usmaan09
on: 25/09/2011 | 20:07
data netowork mode is activated i txted to 2020 and also installed with giffgaff apn now im gettin the message "cannot connect to the internet please check ur connection settings and try again"
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