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Samsung Galaxy Ace II

Started by: georgemate
On: 29/07/2016 | 15:45
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by: georgemate
on: 29/07/2016 | 15:45

Phone is locked to 02 and I thought if would not need unlocking.  Have activated giffgaff SIM but phone continues to instruct me to insert SIM.  Does this mean I have to unlock?

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by: catmad2015
on: 29/07/2016 | 15:49
Try factory reset make sure you backup every thing first...
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by: catmad2015
on: 29/07/2016 | 15:50
Once done it then ul have input giffgaff apn network settings in your handset manually roam correct to....
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by: johngould
on: 29/07/2016 | 16:27
giffgaff will work fine with an O2 locked phone.
Check the sim contacts are clean, it's the right size for the phone, and correctly inserted.
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by: georgemate
on: 29/07/2016 | 19:00

Thank you! I've done that and now its insisting that I don't have a SIM card installed. I've tried removing it, cleaning it, putting it back in and starting again but still get same message. Could the SIM be faulty?

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