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Samsung Galaxy Note suddenly locked "Enter Network Lock Control Key"

Started by: galaxynote
On: 04/09/2012 | 10:24
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by: galaxynote
on: 04/09/2012 | 10:24

Can anyone help to unlock my phone?


I bought my Galaxy Note "unlocked".


I got a update OTA and on rebooting I was faced with "Enter Network Lock Control Key", and now have a mobile that doesn't phone.



I can use the mobile for data etc, but cannot make any phone calls. It is now a locked mobile that doesn't accept my Giffgaff, O2 an Ovivo (Vodafone) sim cards.  


I bought it on the internet as "unlocked" and am awaiting a reply. Fortunately it's still under warranty. 


I've tried restoring, but no luck. I've even tried the S2 unlock app, doesn't work on my Note;


Yea, I know, now Apple have my Galaxy Note on the hit list to ban :-/

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by: endorphin
on: 04/09/2012 | 10:25
Sounds like the OTA reset your network lock. Unlucky! You'll have to get it unlocked again.
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by: isabel1066
on: 04/09/2012 | 10:25
Ebay cheap unlock codes.
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by: rooneygmusic
on: 04/09/2012 | 10:25

Unlocking other phones


See Below


Unlock link

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by: dieter1
on: 04/09/2012 | 10:27

think it needs re unlocking

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by: chrisread9907
on: 04/09/2012 | 10:27
what this means is that some how it has locked its self to a network... it is asking for the unlock code to use it ongiffgaff/O2 .... Smiley Happy
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by: cinami
on: 04/09/2012 | 10:33

Any of the galaxy range that apple want to ban would only get banned in America and wouldn't affect users in the UK as the judgement is only valid in America. Apple tried to do the same in other countries but favour was awarded to samsung in every country except america, where EGHAD, apple is on home town turf. Not surprising really that the only court willing to award American apple the favour is an American court. 


UK Sammy's are fine. 

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by: diavelrider
on: 04/09/2012 | 12:57

I have almost the exact same problem this morning.

Just completed an automatic update to ICS on my Galaxy Note when asked if I would like to this morning. I now have the 'Enter Network Lock Control Key' when I turn the phone on or unlock the screen.

The Phone worked fine on Giffgaff before and was bought brand new this February Sim Free and unlocked.

Can access data but no calls or texts.

I installed Tweakker ICS setup app this morning to try sort things out but this keeps telling me when I try to run it that I do not have a sim card in the phone.



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by: laura524
on: 04/09/2012 | 13:00

if it has locked itself you will need to get it unlcoked again

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by: galaxynote
on: 04/09/2012 | 16:30

One of the solutions I've come across is to take it back to GB at which time the S2 unlock app might work. Then, apparently, I can upgrade to ICS. But if I take the further upgrade it may again lock my unlocked phone, and again - no clue as to who it's locked with.


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