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Samsung Galaxy S3: Keeps rebooting for no good reason

Started by: fancellu
On: 22/03/2013 | 19:08
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by: fancellu
on: 22/03/2013 | 19:08

i.e. phone is sitting there, doing nothing, next thing I know I hear the familiar reboot tinkle. Has done that a few times today.


Anyone know why?


Is there any log available on the S3 that would tell me why it decided to reboot?



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by: awais_khan12
on: 22/03/2013 | 19:11
There must be a fault with your phone
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by: scheidt
on: 22/03/2013 | 19:11
Hmmm....that happened on mine for a day or two then
suddenly stopped and never did it again.

Try removing the battery...switch it off...and leave it for an
hour or two and try it again.

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by: racky39
on: 22/03/2013 | 19:13
You could try a factory reset but back up your contacts and messages first, most stuff comes back after anyway
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by: iftekharsubhan
on: 22/03/2013 | 19:17
Looks like a fault in the phone
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by: smaugsbane
on: 22/03/2013 | 19:57
Make sure you have the latest system update from Samsung installed. These symptoms are similar to those that are apparently a precursor to the Sudden Death Syndrome which totally and irrevocably bricks your S3. (Which just happened to me this week.)
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