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Samsung gt s5360 Internet settings wont connect

Started by: missyk
On: 28/10/2012 | 14:16
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by: missyk
on: 28/10/2012 | 14:16

Hello can someone tell me how to do the Internet connection settings.step by step on my new phone.everything else works but no Internet connection. I've got unlimited Internet.but it says check settings. Please help!!

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by: lmills
on: 28/10/2012 | 14:16

Connect to wifi and download the giffgaff apn from google play. Alternatively see here

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by: dalan
on: 28/10/2012 | 14:17
Android settings

Go to the google play store and download giffgaffapn using WiFi. Select option 2, then 1 to install the settings.

Android STEP by STEP guide:

go to settings /wireless & networks / mobile networks /access point names /
/ press the menu key /select 'new APN'

Enter the following information;
Connection Name ... giffgaff
APN ...
Username ... giffgaff
Password ... password

Press the menu key and select 'save'.
Tap the circle next to it to see a green light.
Press back key and tick 'Use Packet Data'.
(or data enabled).Go back to the home screen. Then Restart your phone.

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by: midgedog
on: 28/10/2012 | 14:17
This guide will have all the info you need mate:
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by: dannyd18
on: 28/10/2012 | 14:17
Android settings
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by: jumbo4
on: 28/10/2012 | 14:18
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by: alexcharlton
on: 28/10/2012 | 14:25
Go to the android market and download the APN app Smiley Happy
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by: osama72
on: 28/10/2012 | 14:48
go to andriod app store and download giffgaffapn and install, bearing in mind that you are using wifi
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by: mrcool073
on: 28/10/2012 | 14:49

Android phone settings:

To setup your Android device manually:

Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names

Click the Menu button > New APN

Enter these details:

Name: giffgaff
Username: giffgaff
Password: password
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 8080
MCC: 234
MNC: 10

if you have wi-fi access, download the giffgaffAPN app from the Android Marketplace (google play) to set them up for you
or click here to download the giffgaff apn:

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by: penuts
on: 28/10/2012 | 16:07
download the app via wifi?
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