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Second credit card

Started by: gg02
On: 28/01/2019 | 20:36
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by: gg02
on: 28/01/2019 | 20:36

How do i add a second credit card that i want to use for top up 


Also how do I change the goody bag charge to direct debit

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by: figment_uk
on: 28/01/2019 | 20:39



You can only have one payment card saved at a time, and giffgaff does not accept payment by direct debit. 

I do not work for giffgaff, so cannot check anything on your account. This is a public community - please do not post any personal info.
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by: boblog
on: 28/01/2019 | 21:17
Hi there, you can't do direct debit. If you want to use multiple credit cards you may find it easier to use paypal, then you can add a number of credit cards and change the default credit card whenever you like
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by: mrbergstrom1967
on: 28/01/2019 | 21:26
Good Evening @gg02

Sorry but its only possible to have one payment card on your account and giffgaff do not do direct debits, the only other payment method you can have is Paypal.
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