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Service suspended because I sent too many texts - help?

Started by: kirstydyer25
On: 18/10/2015 | 21:12
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by: kirstydyer25
on: 18/10/2015 | 21:12 edited: 18/10/2015 | 23:17

My services have been suspended temporarily through to sms abuse where I've used tooany text

messages. Can anyone help

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by: mary0813
on: 18/10/2015 | 23:22

You will have to wait until they remove the bar 

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by: sloz
on: 18/10/2015 | 23:26
Have you contacted an agent and did they ask for an explanation why you sent so many texts? They usually require you for an explanation and ask you to agree to terms and conditions before they restore your service
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