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Started by: sgingles
On: 23/01/2012 | 22:41
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by: sgingles
on: 23/01/2012 | 22:41


I am using a pay as you go giffgaff sim card and cannot access mobile web ,have tried sendding text message to 2020 to get settings but got a text back from o2 saying they were having problems dealing with my request.anyone have any ideas.

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by: morvin
on: 23/01/2012 | 22:41
Try the Manual Settings
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by: pitney
on: 23/01/2012 | 22:42
Then u need to go inside ur phone settings to network data and delete ur old apn settings and replace with these..
Full settings
Username - giffgaff
Password - password
MMS Settings
Username - giffgaff
Password - password
MMS Proxy -
Max message size - 307200
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by: ibraheemjaved19
on: 23/01/2012 | 22:44
Try manuel
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by: aiishaxx
on: 23/01/2012 | 22:48
try it manually =)
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by: allan1954
on: 23/01/2012 | 22:53
what phone have you got.
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