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Started by: josh_fraser
On: 12/08/2011 | 20:55
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by: josh_fraser
on: 12/08/2011 | 20:55

When you order sims to give out do you have to activate the sim and put money on it to get the 500 points or can you just activate it then throw it away?

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by: andylamb
on: 12/08/2011 | 20:56

You have to make at least a  £10 topup to activate it. That's the only way to get the 500 points.


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by: morvin
on: 12/08/2011 | 20:57
You have to put £10 to activate the sim
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by: soldiers33
on: 12/08/2011 | 20:59
Looks like someone thought they could get £5 free lol good that giffgaff needs activating first
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by: sophielambert
on: 12/08/2011 | 21:01

Are you concerned about people ordering SIMs from your URL and not activating? That happens a lot, just getting one ordered don't earn you the 500 points. The person that ordered it has to activate it with a topup before you get your payback points. 


Giffgaff would be out of business already otherwise!

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by: nitinagrawal121
on: 12/08/2011 | 21:02
you can't activate it without topup..and to get 500 points you would need to topup with atleast 10 pounds
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by: frazerclark
on: 12/08/2011 | 21:03
Activation requires £10 or more to be added to the account, so answering your question, yes you could throw it away but it wouldn't be worth it!
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by: jmistry
on: 12/08/2011 | 21:05
No the person needs to activate and top up a sim with valid credit before you get the points.
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by: safe_1996
on: 12/08/2011 | 21:09
You have to activate it.
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by: subasht
on: 12/08/2011 | 22:02
need to activate the sim, for which you need to top-up at least £10, so no-one can game the system..
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