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Sim Swap question.

Started by: joevain
On: 28/12/2012 | 12:58
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by: joevain
on: 28/12/2012 | 12:58

Hello All.


I apologies if this has been posted before, I have had a brief look through all posts relating to Sim Swap and couldn’t see anything related to my query.


I’m an existing Giff Gaff member and like many others received an IP5 for Christmas. I ordered a Nano Sim on Christmas day (Nanogaff) which arrived this morning. I have activated the Sim and Sim Swapped my old normal Sim for new Nano Sim.


All my account details are all correct according to MyGiffGaff which is showing my existing number correctly. I have checked that the Nano Sim is active using a tool another member posting on here and it is.


I currently can’t make calls/text or use 3G. How long should I be waiting for the account details to transfer to the new Nano Sim? It advised it usually takes 30mins and it’s been about three hours. It says I’m connected to the O2 network and even 3G is active.


I have rebooted the phone a few times which has not made a difference.  Is there anything additional to do or is it just a matter of waiting for the Sim Swap back log to clear?


Kind Regards



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by: johnferrari
on: 28/12/2012 | 13:00
Update the settings

I also have an iPhone I installed my settings the easy way... download the 'my giff gaff' app via wifi from the apple App Store press 'more' press APN settings then install the settings
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by: nate37
on: 28/12/2012 | 13:07 edited: 28/12/2012 | 13:08


Syncing an iphone after activation:


Insert the sim, turn off the iPhone and connect it to your pc, it will turn on automatically and if it hasn't detected the sim then do a sync


You will also need to enter the Giffgaff APN settings to get internet working:


Select Settings > General > MOBILE DATA (or CELLULAR) > Mobile Data Network (or Cellular Data Network)

Cellular Data
Username: vertigo
Password: password

Visual Voicemail
giffgaff don't support this, so leave it blank

Username: vertigo
Password: password
MMS Max Message Size: 2097152
MMS UA Prof URL: leave this blank

Do NOT press the " Reset Settings " button when you’ve done this.

Once the settings are in, reboot your device.

Then, press “ Settings “…“ Messages “ and ensure that " MMS Messaging " button is set to ON.

In " settings " " messages " turn imessages on.

Please also ensure that the " Enable 3G " button and the " Mobile Data " button are set to ON. (Press Settings, then General, then Network / Mobile Data).

Then " Settings " ... " Phone " .... And check " My Number " is correct

Go to " Settings " ... " Carrier " and change to O2-UK

Finally, have a quick check to make sure that the option for Settings > General > Mobile Data (or Cellular) > Cellular Data is set to 'On', then restart your handset and it should be sorted.


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by: joevain
on: 28/12/2012 | 13:53
Hi Guys, Thanks for all the quick replies, I have tried all the recommendations listed, still fails sending text messages making calls and browsing 3G, when i dial my number which should have been transferred it go's straight to Giff Gaff voice mail.

Is this being caused because my Sim Swap has not yet been processed? Has anyone done a Sim Swap, How long did it take?
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by: tonyt1
on: 28/12/2012 | 14:05
done a sim swap about 2 or 3 days ago and mine was all up and running in about 5 mins just give it a bit more time if nothing in 24hrs then i would say contact an agent
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by: joevain
on: 28/12/2012 | 14:49 edited: 28/12/2012 | 14:51

Just so everyone knows, its just started working after a drop of service, must be a slight backlog of Sim Swappers. Looking about 3/4 hours for your account to be moved across to new Sims.

Cheers All,
Happy Christmas and Safe NY.

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