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Sim activation failed on new iphone 4s

Started by: nickroy
On: 20/10/2011 | 14:19
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by: nickroy
on: 20/10/2011 | 14:19

Hi I just got my new phone today and also got my sim cut down to size at a local store, trouble is i cant now authenticate the sim on the new phone. Looking more closly it looks like the sim has been choopped to close on one side so that a tiny bit of the chip is now covered.


Will this mean i would need to ditch this sim and order a new one? if this is the case can someone send me a new micor sim?


Feeling frustrated this has happened as i cant recieve any calls at all now.


Thanks in advance



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by: kieran2203
on: 20/10/2011 | 14:21

go onto micro gaff and order one there or just get another one cut at a shop

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by: rts95
on: 20/10/2011 | 14:23
Does it say no sim inserted? I had this with my iPhone 4 have you tried plugging in and activation your phone via USB with the micro sim inserted?
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by: bevlive
on: 20/10/2011 | 14:23
Looks like you will need to order a micro sim Smiley Sad
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by: nickroy
on: 20/10/2011 | 14:24

so your suggesting that the sim is now screwed if the chip is hidden just a tiny bit?

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by: u_ghafoor
on: 20/10/2011 | 14:24
If the gold bit has been touched @ all, the sim will NOT work.
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by: solid247
on: 20/10/2011 | 14:25
Have u got aspair gg sim ? If so get ur shrparpts pair o scissors n use the other as a template n try that u got nothin to lose Smiley Happy
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by: nickroy
on: 20/10/2011 | 14:33

no affraid not. Can someone Send me a new micro sim?

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by: u_ghafoor
on: 20/10/2011 | 14:40
Check your pm mate.
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