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Sim not working

Started by: lynnemacdonald83
On: 07/05/2016 | 00:40
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by: lynnemacdonald83
on: 07/05/2016 | 00:40

Hi guys, in need of help. My sim won't work in a locked o2phone. It's definitely activated and was working fine in my last phone. When I turn the new phone on it says emergency calls only. Can anyone give me some advice please ? 

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by: heisenberg007
on: 07/05/2016 | 00:42
Hi @lynnemacdonald83

It sounds like a faulty you can simply try the SIM in another device to see if you signal bars, If no joy you can simply order another SIM from your spread page by following this link .
And when the new SIM arrives perform a SIM swap. The SIM swap process will transfer your current number and allowances e.g. goodybag and/or airtime credit over to the new SIM. It should take no more than 30 minutes to complete and can be performed anytime between 4.30am and 9.30pm

Please check out this link to a fantastic guide on how to perform a SIM swap.
click to get a free giffgaff Sim with £5 credit
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by: lynnemacdonald83
on: 07/05/2016 | 00:51

Hi thanks for the quick response. The sim works fine in the old phone so do you think that means there is something wrong with the new one? The new one is a locked o2 but was under the impression giff gaff works in o2phones. 

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by: navvy
on: 07/05/2016 | 01:01



Is the phone locked to O2, or to Tesco?  Tesco have a double-locking system which means only a Tesco SIM can be used, and not an O2 or giffgaff SIM.  


If a Tesco phone is unlocked to all networks, it can still remain locked to Tesco and unusable on all networks.


In this situation you need to get it unlocked by Tesco, and not by any other phone shop.


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by: abdullah1604
on: 07/05/2016 | 01:02
It maybe a faulty sim, replace it, order a new one and perform a sim swap
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by: johnrooney80
on: 07/05/2016 | 01:05
Also make sure you change APN under settins
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