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Sim swap

Started by: mohammed13196
On: 18/10/2015 | 22:42
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by: mohammed13196
on: 18/10/2015 | 22:42
I need to do a sim swap but I have requested my PAC code without knowing that this will affect anything but I need to do my sim swap ASAP any one know what I can do?
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by: 1992chris
on: 18/10/2015 | 22:44
sim swap is moving a giffgaff number from one giffgaff sim to another giffgaff sim - no PAC code required

if your moving away from giffgaff then you will need the PAC
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by: mary0813
on: 18/10/2015 | 22:44
Yes don't use the pac code it will expire after 30 days
And here's the instructions
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by: mickythemoocher
on: 18/10/2015 | 22:44 edited: 18/10/2015 | 22:46

You should really wait for your number transfer to go through if you have entered your PAC code onto the giffgaff website.  


Once the number has transfered it will be safe to do the SIM swap.


If you have ordered a PAC code from another network but haven't given it to giffgaff yet then you are OK to SIM swap now.




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by: leenaliaquat69
on: 18/10/2015 | 22:45
You don't need a pac code
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by: sloz
on: 18/10/2015 | 22:46
It's ok you can still perform a SIM swap

Beck up contacts first if they're saved to the sim
Click here and log in

Put the 6 digit code in from your new sim And click continue

On the next page it'll show the 6 didgit activation codes and sim serial numbers of your current and new sim cards

Click where it says...

"Yes I want to replace my SIM" ( on mobile browsers don't forget to scroll down to see)

On the next page click "yes I'm sure"

Your new sim will hopefully be active within 30 minutes And your old sim will be disabled ( if the new sim dosnt appear active after 30 minutes try turning the phone off and on
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by: archierhodes
on: 18/10/2015 | 22:56
To do a sim swap

Follow these instructions at...

To transfer to another network call 43431 to get your pac.
Pax codes last 30 days so hurry!
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by: shamrez8
on: 18/10/2015 | 23:00
Hi @mohammed13196

No this shouldn't effect it you can still perform a SIM Swap. Please see this guide on performing the SIM swap

The SIM swap will transfer your current number and active allowances e.g goodybag and/or airtime credit over to new SIM. it should take no more than 30 minutes to complete and can be performed any time between 4.30am and 9.30pm.
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