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Started by: denisamia
On: 18/02/2019 | 19:36
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by: denisamia
on: 18/02/2019 | 19:36

I need new sim card but thissame number whot i have i can order please

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by: tazzy19
on: 18/02/2019 | 19:40 edited: 18/02/2019 | 19:41


You can change your sim by completing a sim swap if you have a spare unactivated sim to hand, if not  you can order a sim from which will take a couple of days to arrive
Or many local shops such as Tesco, Sainsbury's, Poundland and many more smaller shops and newsagents sell giffgaff sims for about £1 if you want one sooner

Once you have an un-activated sim

Log into your my giffgaff page
Check you're in the correct account
(important if you have several accounts or manage accounts for others)

Then click here

Input the 6 digit activation code from the new sim in the box provided and
click the yellow activate your sim button

On the next page headed "SIM replacement "
click the yellow button
"yes I want to replace my sim"

On the next page headed "SIM replace"
click the yellow button
"yes I'm sure"

Your new sim will usually start working within 30 minutes
(switch your phone off and on every 10 minutes or so)

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by: deanwilliam39
on: 18/02/2019 | 19:40
Order a sim and do a sim swap.
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