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Slow 4G even 40 meters from 4G mast

Started by: wceltd
On: 09/05/2016 | 16:15
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by: wceltd
on: 09/05/2016 | 16:15

I'm a new customer.. Seen all the hype on TV about how fast GiffGagf is after 12pm omg is slow as a snail... 



All I use the sim is for Data as the 4G mast is 40 metres from my location..


Slow as hell and need to cancel..


Anyone else having this problem



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by: bengalknights
on: 09/05/2016 | 16:17
Hello this is most likely due to internal congestion
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by: gwpreston
on: 09/05/2016 | 16:21 edited: 09/05/2016 | 16:22

As above I'd have a word with your doctor he may be able to give you something for it 😊

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