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Somebody has a question about the iPhone 7 Pre-Owned

Started by: driscoll14
On: 12/10/2018 | 17:07
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by: driscoll14
on: 12/10/2018 | 17:07
Can I use phone abroad
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by: natty88
on: 12/10/2018 | 17:09

@driscoll14 yes all giffgaff phone's are factory unlocked to take any networks Sims here's a few handy links to buying phone's from giffgaff or if applying for a loan use this one remember if approved you must go through the whole buying process again exactly as did first time same phone same colour same price plan and memory only after doing this will phone be dispatched to your uk address 

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by: shamrez8
on: 12/10/2018 | 17:09
Hi @driscoll14
Yes, Giffgaff think you should be free to do what you like with your phone, so every phone bought from giffgaff is 100% unlocked(SIM Free) and will stay that way So any UK or international SIM card will be accepted. This applies to iPhones, Android(Samsung, HTC, LG , Sony , Huawei) , BlackBerry, Windows Phone - the lot. They're all unlocked!

For more information on the process of buying from giffgaff check out this Knowledge base guide.
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by: joshpt
on: 12/10/2018 | 17:12
@driscoll14 Sure you can use phone abroad.
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by: shipon786
on: 12/10/2018 | 17:13

Hi @driscoll14 Smiley Happy­

You will need airtime credit to use giffg­aff abroad as goodybags work in the EU only. See ­prices for texting, calling, browsing web­ with link below. Thanks­ ­

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