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Sony Tipo Internet Connection

Started by: bowlertc
On: 04/01/2013 | 09:20
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by: bowlertc
on: 04/01/2013 | 09:20

Have a Sony Tipo 02 pay as you go phone and have put a giffgaff sim into it. Have texted settings to 2020 and installed internet settings.


Phone is making calls & texting ok but still cannot access internet.


Any ideas please?



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by: kamran2k12
on: 04/01/2013 | 09:22
u have to download the setings
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by: dugblare
on: 04/01/2013 | 09:22

There are 2 ways to set up your internet settings for your phone to work


1.Connect to WiFi and download and install this App and run the Giffgaff APN, it should set it all up for you automatically


2. Another way is to set up your android phone manually as follows

Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names

Menu button  - New APN

Enter the following

Name: giffgaff


Username: giffgaff

Password: password



MMS proxy:

MMS port: 8080

MCC: 234

MNC: 10


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by: mathew40
on: 04/01/2013 | 09:28
Hi, firstly try texting the word settings to 2020 or just click on the link that matches your phone,thanks.






once you have installed your apn settings,remember to click on SAVE then just turn your device off and on again thanks and i hope this helps.Remember that your device needs to be unlocked on o2 to work with your giffgaff sim card.if its not then you will need to take it to any phone shop or market and have it unlocked on o2 for around £10,cheers.
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by: smiler667
on: 04/01/2013 | 09:28
try this guide to enter in manually
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by: rakel13
on: 04/01/2013 | 10:17
mmanually enter the apn settings
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by: mrcheerful
on: 04/01/2013 | 10:43

Hello, please take a look at my giffgaff guide for Xperia Tipo/Miro. Smiley Happy

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by: 321anisa
on: 04/01/2013 | 10:48

Guide to phone settings

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